How do you feel about your teeth? Are you thrilled with their appearance and function? If not, how would you like your teeth to be?

At Tooth Works Dentistry, we love helping our patients achieve the smiles of their dreams. One of the ways we do this for our patients is through crowns and veneers. We have our crowns and veneers fabricated with porcelain, by a premier Edmonton dental ceramist practice.

However, before any porcelain restorations are made, or your teeth are touched, we first have to answer some questions:

  • What do you want to see when you smile?

  • Are crowns and veneers the answer, when it comes to achieving your smile goals?

  • Is there an alternative option that makes more sense for your mouth?

Should we decide that crowns or veneers make sense for your wants, needs and budget, then we have some fun questions to answer:

  • What shape would you like your front teeth to be?

  • What is your perfect shade?

This part is fun, because together we will choose the perfect shape and shade for your teeth.  One of our favorite tools when it comes to choosing the shape of your future teeth is the “LVI Smile Catalog.” As you can see in the image below, there are a myriad of styles of teeth you can choose from.

Styles of Teeth


Shade Guide


Once we’ve settled on the style of smile you prefer, then we’ll talk about your ideal tooth color.  Again, much like the LVI smile catalog offers a myriad of choices of style, our shade guide offers a vast array of options when it comes to colour.

The reason we think these choices are fun is that they are a starting point for your makeover.  There is no finality when it comes to these choices.

We will submit your preferences to our dental ceramists (dental lab) and they will create digital and physical modelling of your new smile. We can use this modelling to show you how your teeth will look in your mouth without touching your teeth (a trial smile). We can also use these models as our template to make your temporary crowns, once we start your treatment.

When we do a smile makeover, your temporary crowns or veneers are the perfect opportunity for you to make sure you’re going to love the final outcome. It gives you an opportunity to give your new smile and bite a test drive. After a couple of weeks in temporary restorations, we’ll have you return for an assessment. Do you love how the temporaries look and feel? If not, what would you change about them? Together, you and your Tooth Works Dentistry professionals will make sure we are checking all of the boxes when it comes to your smile wish list. We will then give our lab the very specific direction they need to make the final porcelain restorations.

A short time later, we will be trying on the final, permanent restorations. If you love them, we will cement them onto your teeth, making them permanent fixtures, and making your smile makeover a reality!

Below are a few examples of the transformations our own patients have undergone, as we have completed their smile makeovers:

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