Occlusal Equilibration and Functional Aesthetics2024-04-05T05:47:51-06:00
Occlusal Equilibration and Functional Aesthetics

Achieve an Even, Balanced Bite and a Beautiful Smile with Occlusal Equilibration

Blending Aesthetics with Function for Optimal Oral Comfort

Unveil a smile perfected in form and function.
A great smile does more than just look good; it performs well, too!
Our teeth, jaw joint (TMJ) and the muscles that move our lower jaw are, at their core, a mechanical system. Occlusal equilibration is a dental procedure performed to create harmony in the function of this mechanical system.

The musculature of our jaws is finely tuned and guided by a series of sensitive nerves, many of which are associated with our teeth. When our teeth don’t connect with each other in an ideal way, these nerves can create ‘hyperactivity’ of our jaw muscles. What this means, is that the mechanical system is ‘on’ when we aren’t eating. In other words, teeth that don’t fit together well can result in involuntary clenching and grinding. It’s amazing that the majority of our patients who are obviously grinding their teeth (based on the wearing of their teeth and loss of gum support) aren’t aware they are doing it.

This leads us to a question that our patients often ask: How is it possible that I’m grinding my teeth without even knowing it?
The nerves in our teeth relay messages to the muscles that control our jaw, resulting in jaw activity that doesn’t require any conscious effort. They are, in fact, brain-stem level reflexes. Therefore, we can be clenching and grinding during the day and night with no awareness of it.

This takes us to the next most often asked question: How is it that I don’t notice that I’m doing it?
To explain, I’d like to take us back to the mechanical system analogy. If we consider our TMJ, our chewing muscles, and our teeth as the three main components of this system: One of these three will always be the weak link in a system that is being overworked. Which one depends on who you are and how you’re built.

  • If you are experiencing discomfort or clicking/popping noises in your TMJ. Your jaw joint is the weak link in the system.
  • If you are experiencing sore jaw muscles, or tension in your jaws at different times of day, your muscles are the weak link in the system.
  • If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity or notice your teeth are wearing down, your teeth are the weak link in the system.

If it is that you are one of the majority, whose teeth are the weak link in the overworked system, you may have no symptoms whatsoever that you are clenching or grinding. You might have teeth that are sensitive to temperature or chewing. This is often the only symptom associated with teeth grinding and wearing. What’s unfortunate is that most people don’t realize that it is due to their muscle hyperactivity. They just think they have sensitive teeth and that’s their stock in life. It takes our team, showing our patients evidence that they are wearing their teeth, to convince them that there is an ongoing, curable issue. Some people notice that their teeth are chipping and getting worn down, but don’t realize why it’s happening.

At Toothworks Dentistry, we take pride in creating harmony in the mechanical system that allows us to chew, speak and smile. When we do so, we change lives by improving our patients’ comfort and confidence. Best of all, we know their smile now can stand the test of time without breaking down.
If we can perfect how your teeth meet one another your smile looks better and helps improve your overall oral health, preventing the issues caused by teeth that don’t fit together in an ideal way.

By adjusting the surfaces of your teeth where they come into contact, we can ensure a bite that fits comfortably and works efficiently with your jaw, giving you a smile that’s functional and looks great.

Optimize Your Bite, Elevate Your Look

Occlusal Equilibration and Functional Aesthetics

Bridging Aesthetics with Pristine Oral Health

Occlusal equilibration blends the best of both worlds: a great-looking smile that feels good. Here’s how this advanced service can significantly enhance your dental health:

  • Alleviates Jaw Discomfort: By adjusting your bite, occlusal equilibration reduces jaw pain and discomfort from teeth grinding. Occlusal equilibration is about fine-tuning for maximum function, ensuring your teeth align and work together smoothly.
  • Protects from Wear: Occlusal equilibration protects your teeth from wearing. By correcting your bite, we will help preserve tooth structure, as well as gum and bone support for your teeth. The result: We protect your smile’s natural beauty and prevent it from showing signs of aging.
  • Reduces Sensitivity: Correcting your alignment also means less clenching and grinding, which are the most common culprits for tooth sensitivity. With a symmetrical bite, you might find relief from the twinge of hot or cold foods and drinks.

  • Enhances Your Looks: “Functional aesthetics” is our way of saying that we care about how your smile looks and works. Dr. Sam will ensure that your treatment is grounded in enhancing your overall oral health while giving you a smile that’s as functional as it is stunning.

Is Occlusal Equilibration Right For You?
Occlusal equilibration is a fitting choice for those aiming to ease discomfort while also enhancing their smile. Ideal candidates for this service include:

  • Those with jaw pain. If you frequently suffer from a sore jaw, especially in the morning, this could be a sign of an imbalanced bite. An occlusal adjustment can alleviate this discomfort by improving the way your teeth come together.
  • Individuals with teeth-grinding issues. People who grind their teeth at night or during the day can see significant benefits. Correcting the bite minimizes unnecessary stress on your teeth, reducing wear and the risk of fractures.
  • People with sensitive teeth. If you have heightened sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, it might be due to clenching or grinding. An occlusal adjustment can help soothe these symptoms.
  • Patients with long-term dental wear. Those who’ve noticed their teeth becoming worn down or flattened over time may have bite issues that an occlusal adjustment can address, preventing further damage.
  • Those seeking aesthetic improvements. Beyond functional improvements, occlusal equilibration also enhances the appearance of your smile, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their aesthetics through cosmetic dentistry.

If these concerns sound familiar, Tooth Works Dentistry is ready to personalize your path to a healthy, aligned smile.

See the dramatic transformations our patients have experienced!




The Occlusal Equilibration Process

Achieving a striking, well-balanced smile takes a planned and thoughtful approach:



Initial Consultation and Diagnostic Records

Your journey starts with a comprehensive consultation where we discuss your oral health and dental goals. During this session, we gather extensive information, including 22 photos and a thorough questionnaire. This 90-minute assessment sets the foundation for your personalized treatment plan.



Personalized Treatment Planning

Dr. Sam meticulously reviews your case, dedicating significant time to crafting a treatment strategy tailored specifically to you. Once your treatment approach is mapped out, we will present you with a detailed proposal. This includes an overview of the planned adjustments and expected outcomes.



Treatment Implementation

With a solid plan in place, we proceed with your treatment. This work involves making pre-planned adjustments to your teeth and bite. We take the utmost care to ensure your comfort while aligning your teeth for optimal function and appearance.



Review and Final Adjustments

Following your treatment, we do a thorough evaluation to ensure the outcomes meet our high standards and yours. This stage allows us to fine-tune, guaranteeing a seamless fit and optimal functionality for your smile.

A Legacy of Smiles: Dr. Sam’s Expert Touch

Dr. Sam Withanachchi is a passionate provider of dental care, specializing in creating balanced, beautiful smiles. His expertise in occlusal equilibration is rooted in advanced training at the Dawson Academy in Florida, a prestigious institution known for its focus on harmonizing jaw joints, muscles, bites, and smiles.

Along with this specialized education, Dr. Sam brings over 18 years of experience to his Edmonton practice, delivering functional and aesthetically pleasing dental solutions to his patients

Tooth Works Dentistry

Kind words from our happy patients!

Dr. Paman did Botox for my frown lines and forehead. I am so happy with the result. I look refreshed and not over done. Highly recommend treating yourself to her fabulous work!

Erin Wicklund

Dr. Sam & Dr. Pam are fantastic dentists & take special care of their patients. Lisa, the dental hygienist, is truly wonderful. She took the time to explain in detail the options presented to me by the dentists and which option would be best for me. She answered all of my questions & treated me with respect.

Colleen Dec

Dr. Sam’s gentle touch and incredible skill – and he and his team’s remarkable ability to reassure me – led to a calm and pretty much painless root canal experience. No exaggeration. I had no idea dentistry could be so pleasant.

Catherine, Just Catherine

Discover the Joy of a Beautiful, Pain-Free Smile

Find harmony between a functional bite and a captivating smile. At Tooth Works, we specialize in enhancing both the health and appearance of your smile. Connect with us today to explore how an occlusal adjustment can give you a comfortable smile that dazzles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Occlusal Equilibration

Is Occlusal Equilibration safe?2024-03-25T07:15:27-06:00

Yes, occlusal equilibration is a safe and effective dental procedure when performed by an experienced dentist. It can sometimes be accomplished by making minimal adjustments to the teeth’s surfaces to improve bite alignment. In other cases, it may require the restoration of several teeth using composite filling material or crowns. The process is tailored to each patient’s specific needs, ensuring it enhances their oral health without compromising tooth integrity.

What symptoms indicate the need for Occlusal Equilibration?2024-03-25T07:16:22-06:00

Symptoms include persistent jaw pain or soreness, frequent headaches, teeth that appear worn down, cracked, or chipped, sensitivity to hot and cold, and discomfort or difficulty while chewing or biting. Other signs include the feeling that your teeth do not fit together correctly, jaw clicking or popping, and teeth grinding (bruxism).

How does Occlusal Equilibration differ from getting braces?2024-03-25T07:18:13-06:00

Occlusal adjustments and braces serve unique purposes in dental care. Occlusal equilibration adjusts the teeth’s surfaces to correct the alignment of your bite quickly, making it ideal for addressing TMJ disorders and other misalignments. In contrast, braces gradually move teeth to fix positioning issues like gaps or crowding. While braces change the position of teeth for alignment, occlusal equilibration reshapes the teeth for immediate bite improvement and comfort. *In some cases, orthodontic treatment (braces or clear aligner therapy) may be the ideal first step in working towards a harmonious bite and outcome.

Does this treatment involve surgery or other invasive procedures?2024-03-25T07:18:57-06:00

No. Occlusal equilibration and correcting your bite to create optimal function do not require surgery. It is a procedure that is limited to treating teeth. The outcomes are improved jaw joint health, better bites, and beautiful smiles.

Can I have a consultation?2024-03-25T07:19:32-06:00

Absolutely! Please call us to book a consultation at 780-428-7830. We’d be happy to see you in person to discuss your needs and wishes!

Dental Emergencies

If you have a dental emergency, please call the office for prompt treatment.

We reserve time during our regular office hours to see emergency patients. If you are an existing patient, the dentist may be able to see you after hours. Please call our office and listen to our answering service for further instructions.



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